To avoid getting ripped off, never buy a used 1997 KIA car on impulse. Nothing beats an informed buyer so arm yourself with all the necessary information by running a VIN check before even start negotiating. Being knowledgeable and knowing the current market and scams associated with used car buying will make it easier to spot a good deal!

KNAFA1240V52 KNAFA1242V52 KNAFA1244V52 KNAFA1245V52 KNAFA1246V52 KNAFA1248V52 KNAFA1249V52 KNAFA1240V53 KNAFA1242V53 KNAFA1244V53 KNAFA1245V53 KNAFA1246V53 KNAFA1248V53 KNAFA1249V53 KNAFA1250V51 KNAFA1252V51 KNAFA1254V51 KNAFA1255V51 KNAFA1256V51 KNAFA1258V51 KNAFA1259V51 KNAFA1250V52 KNAFA1252V52 KNAFA1254V52 KNAFA1255V52 KNAFA1256V52 KNAFA1258V52 KNAFA1259V52 KNAFA1250V53 KNAFA1252V53 KNAFA1254V53 KNAFA1255V53 KNAFA1256V53 KNAFA1258V53 KNAFA1259V53 KNAFA1250V58 KNAFA1252V58 KNAFA1254V58 KNAFA1255V58 KNAFA1256V58 KNAFA1258V58 KNAFA1259V58
KNDJA7230V50 KNDJA7232V50 KNDJA7234V50 KNDJA7235V50 KNDJA7236V50 KNDJA7238V50 KNDJA7239V50 KNDJA7230V51 KNDJA7232V51 KNDJA7234V51 KNDJA7235V51 KNDJA7236V51 KNDJA7238V51 KNDJA7239V51 KNDJA7230V55 KNDJA7232V55 KNDJA7234V55 KNDJA7235V55 KNDJA7236V55 KNDJA7238V55 KNDJA7239V55 KNDJB7230V51 KNDJB7232V51 KNDJB7234V51 KNDJB7235V51 KNDJB7236V51 KNDJB7238V51 KNDJB7239V51 KNDJB7230V55 KNDJB7232V55 KNDJB7234V55 KNDJB7235V55 KNDJB7236V55 KNDJB7238V55 KNDJB7239V55 KNDJB7230V56 KNDJB7232V56 KNDJB7234V56 KNDJB7235V56 KNDJB7236V56 KNDJB7238V56 KNDJB7239V56
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